Christopher Pekoc


Website Design & Development


Christopher Pekoc is a talented and well known artist from Cleveland. Chris’s work is in permanent collections at numerous institutions, including The Cleveland Museum of Art, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Czech Center of Photography, Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts, The Art Institute of Chicago, and even nearby at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida. This was an interesting project for us since we are such great fans of his work. Chris wanted a minimal design, so we set him up with a one-page website which is perfect for artists. Chris’s artwork commonly is sewn collage / mixed media from mostly his own photographs. At his request, the slider at the top has close ups of his artwork rather than complete pieces which would have gotten cropped. This is accomplished by a transparent header with a full-width hero image. You can see the stitching and the “Beauty of Damage” in details, which is very important when viewing digitally. We have the gallery in a masonry grid since images aren’t a particular ratio. Chris is the first client to effectively use captions under the gallery photos. The nav is smooth scroll and the website includes a contact form with a nice background of one of his textures.