Lancaster & Eure


Website Design & Development


Lancaster & Eure is a law firm serving Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, and DeSoto Counties. Much of our website design was a balance of traditional fonts and one-column design, balanced by movement from animations. We created a responsive hero image which animates in, highlighting the attorneys and their main areas of practice. Site speed was a big concern of theirs and we were able to obtain an ‘A’ rating without sacrificing some of the more flashier elements. Since a part of their target market are the disabled, we made sure to include many of the accessibility upgrades to our theme. Lancaster & Eure are a bi-lingual firm. Users can toggle between the English and Spanish translated version of the website which we has as its own separate website. We used a method that would enable the Spanish version of the website to show up if the user’s browser had Spanish as the preferred language.