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It takes very little convincing when letting someone know they need a website. All roads from your marketing materials lead to your website. An ad tomorrow is yesterday’s news and in a week, that investment will no longer be useful. A well designed website is here to stay and is the ultimate marketing tool. It is your salesman which represents your company locally and to the rest of the world. Hiring the wrong designer can mean your most important sales piece is mediocre and in need of a redesign. This can be costly and time consuming. We at Zora Creative have the experience, the reviews and reputation, and the portfolio to prove that we’ll meet your highest expectations. We understand how important a website is to a business so we’ll do our best give you an all around great website. One that is current, mobile friendly, easy to navigate, effective, and easy to update.

Responsive & Future Proof

More than 65% of users view the web on their phones and the trend is rising every month. All of our websites are mobile first. Mobile first means that we don’t just design for devices like the iPhone as an afterthought. We design for these devices first, making sure that a very user friendly experience is achieved. Contact information should be accessed very easily. There should be no zooming or too much scrolling. If you don’t have a site designed this way, you’ll need a redesign very soon.

In responsive design, we detect the device’s width and give the ideal layout. A desktop layout is more complex while a mobile one is generally one column. We will progressively enhance the layout as we move to tablet and finally desktop. No matter what new device comes out, your layout will always look its best. This addresses the issue of the iPad experience very well because sites that aren’t responsive often serve up a separate mobile site, forgetting this intermediate. Our responsive sites will look perfect on your iPad. Responsive design is future proof. Retina screens have a higher resolution that can show crisp text and images. We design for retina devices like most modern computers, laptops, iPhones, and iPads. You may not notice this without a before and after, but design elements appear fuzzy if the designer did not plan how they look on retina devices. A website that does not take into account these displays will look dated and unprofessional. We make sure that images are a little larger but scaled to increase their crisp look and when possible use vector graphics or fonts rather than images for page load time and accessibility.

Professionally Developed

Responsive Code

SEO Optimized

Lightning Fast

Easy to Update

Social Media Integration

MLS Integration

A Balance between ‘Cool’ and Easy to Use

There are a lot of great web design trends in 2016. These provide interesting ways of communicating through images, movement, and user interaction. We design with what is ‘in’ now with an eye for what is to come. The cool things that you see on the web now are possible because of new browsers and brilliant developers sharing their secrets. We always use the latest and greatest in web design, so long as that effectively enhances the user experience. Sometimes designers will get caught up in being hip but forget about being practical and ‘idiot proof.’ We want the best of both worlds for a broad customer base. For example, it is vital that you can find the phone number, search for a term, or find a page quickly. This is even more important on mobile devices where studies have shown users have very little patience.

Designs That Attract Business

We all know the purpose of a website is to increase your business and revenue. We approach the design process from a marketing standpoint; implementing proven tactics that lead to higher conversion rates. One of the most important aspects of a website is having the right copy (written content). And while it’s great for the viewers of your site to have a lot of informative text, this can be a big problem if that text is presented like a novel. Those using the web have a short attention span. They will become frustrated and not read anything or even worse, leave the site completely. When we design, we make sure to implement certain strategies to make sure your visitors stay on your website as long as possible. Information can be separated by color in different sections or laid out in columns with images and headings. Sometimes it is better to present text as a list. Font style, size, and color can greatly influence the effectiveness of your message. Using the right images can compliment things with a more emotional connection. We take all these ideas into account when we design your website so that you connect with your customers.

Premium Features

Animated Layersliders

Retina Ready

Restaurant & Salon Menus

Fancy Galleries

Parallax Scrolling

Call to Actions

Flexible & Cost-Effective

We use WordPress which is, by far, the most popular Content Management System (CMS). It is popular because it is easy to use, fast, and powerful. This open source project is almost 15 years of work from the world’s brightest in web design. Having a familiar CMS will mean that most web people will know the back-end admin. When a designer builds a site off of WordPress, they have complete flexibilty, so the range in quality varies greatly. This means that WordPress sites can be designed poorly and convoluted, or just the opposite.

We have a beautiful front-end experience that an admin can very easily update. An admin should never use any code, the back-end should be organized and intuitive, and page elements should be ‘drag and drop.’ If the website isn’t easy to update then it will remain static or you’ll rely on paying someone else to update it for you. Even if you want to hire an admin, a difficult to update site means more time and more money. The single most important thing you can do to promote yourself online is to create content in the form of blogs or new / updated pages. This will keep customers coming back to your site for enriching information. We have built a framework that makes doing anything extremely easy. Create complex layouts with powerful features like image galleries, events, and menus. View over 20 of our tutorial videos on how to update pages, change the look and feel of the design, and connect to your customers through call-to-actions and conversion. We are a small, very personable company who will work with you so you feel like you have complete control of your website. We want your site to be fun and something you look forward to updating.

What Makes Our Websites Different?

what sets our designs apart from the rest

Professionally Coded

Whether or not you choose to go with a WordPress theme or our own custom website solution, you can rest assured that your website will be professionally coded. Since we are developers and not just designers, we have the flexibility to offer you whatever custom design solution you are looking for.

Adapts to All Smart Devices

A responsive website is one which adapts to all smart devices. Many web design companies are still designing unresponsive websites. Even if they design a separate mobile website for you, unfortunately this does not addresses the issue of the iPad experience. With the rise of iPad users and new smart device technologies everyday, neglecting this intermediate between desktop and mobile is no longer acceptable if you wish to stay a successful business. With our responsive designs, your website will be coded to adapt and look their best on any and all browsers & smart devices.

Built to Rank High in Google

Keyword Research is used to find search terms that people are using in Google for building content to maximize traffic. We configure and install the best WordPress SEO plugin to maximize search engine visibility and best practices. In addition, we submit your website to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools (Yahoo & Bing), while Google Analytics is integrated into your site to track progress and submit pages to be crawled.

Lightning Fast

Our websites are lightning fast with optimized code and images. Our server uses 3 different levels of caching to make the page load five times faster.

Retina Ready

Our websites are coded for high-resolution displays such as iPhones, iPads, and retina computer screens.

One-on-One Training & Tutorial Videos

Upon launching your new website, our work is still not finished. We make sure to give you a personal, one-on-one 1-2 hour tutorial on how to manage and update your new website. This enables you complete control, while saving you from maintenance fees and from hiring an administrator. In addition, if you’ve chosen to have your website be developed with our WordPress theme, then we provide you with over 20 tutorial videos showing you how to update specific sections of your website.

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